The Power of Balance

The concept of balance is everywhere is our lives: head and heart, yin and yang, work-life … the list goes on and on and it is something we hear constantly, “a little bit of everything …” Yet, most of us struggle to find that “perfect balance” between everything, if such a thing even exists. What is true is that what is perfect for one person is not for another, so we all have to find our own centre, our own equilibrium.

I think we have all been in that place where we have felt off-balance, uneven, that sensation of being a little skewed, and this tends to affect everything around us: if we work too much we neglect our friends and family; if we think too much our heart loses its say; if we follow our gut we can end of making some rash (although, not necessarily bad) decisions. And so, needless to say, balance is important.

When I tell someone new about reflexology I am often met with a blank stare or a vague comment about prodding and feet. It’s true, why should someone know what reflexology is all about, or that there is more to it than just prodding feet. I usually begin by explaining about all of our body’s systems and organs (our macro system) being reflected in our feet (our micro system) and that through working specific points on our feet we can help our body reach “homeostasis”.

The Oxford dictionary defines homeostasis as: “the tendency towards a relatively stable equilibrium between interdependent elements, especially as maintained by physiological processes.” That is to say, reflexology helps bring our body and mind into balance, both physically and emotional.

No one really knows how reflexology works, but there is evidence suggest that it dates back to the Egyptians as early as 2500 AC, and to ancient China. It usually works on our feet or hands stimulating the peripheral nerve endings sending messages to the central nervous system.

On a physical level reflexology helps our body to function effectively, to its maximum potential, helping us overcome or prevent illness. On an emotional level it helps to create space and gives us clarity of mind so that we can hear our intuition and act with conviction when we make a decision: to make a change when we need to and to accept what we cannot change.

Reflexology is based on the idea that our body knows best how to heal itself and what it needs, we just need to know how to listen to it. It is not just coming to lie in a darkened room and listen to relaxing music. Although sometimes that is what we need, but reflexology is much more than that and it gives everyone what they need at that specific moment in time. Sometimes it’s chatting through the appointment about the weather, sometimes it is talking about the imbalances that appear in your feet to try and establish where they have arisen from, what is going on in your life and what you are struggling with, and sometimes it is just closing your eyes and relaxing in your own space. Each session is different and your body and mind knows what is right for you during each appointment. You don’t need to force it, you just need to listen.