Pregnancy and fertility

I saw Stephanie 18 months into trying to conceive; 2 months after her fertility focused reflexology treatments I was elated to fall pregnant! I saw her throughout my pregnancy and am overjoyed to have an adorable baby boy! I’m so thankful and forever grateful to Stephanie for her help. She is incredibly knowledgeable, compassionate, positive, calm and thorough.

When my waters broke but my labour stalled, just before Christmas, Stephanie was in touch sending positive thoughts, messages, and practical reflexology tips to help. She was even set to make a unique home visit to do some reflexology to help start labour again if needed.

I highly recommend Stephanie and plan to see her again when my baby is older.



I started seeing Steph in preparation for having a baby. I had been on the pill for 15 years or more and wanted to make sure everything was balanced out and I was in as good shape health wise as possible, so started off with monthly appointments. I fell pregnant quickly but miscarried at 7 weeks. After this, I started seeing Steph weekly to help balance my hormones out and it amazed me that she knew exactly where I was in my cycle each session and took this into account to tailor each treatment accordingly. I have no doubt that my sessions with Steph got my cycle back on track quicker than it would otherwise have done and my treatments with her are a big reason that I am now 6 months pregnant!

Steph is very experienced in dealing with fertility and pregnancy treatments, planning my sessions pre pregnancy to make sure they were at the most opportune times for ovulation and conception, and during my pregnancy, I completely trust her to make sure the treatment is safe and appropriate without causing any risk to the baby. The treatment has also helped with any general aches and pains I have, which Steph is always able to pin point without me even telling her.

Steph is warm and friendly and has a very gentle and calming approach. I always look forward to my appointments and will be continuing  them throughout this pregnancy and beyond!



I had my first sessions with Stephanie in the third trimester of my pregnancy. I had aching joints, was having trouble sleeping and was starting to become anxious about labour. I loved the sessions, I found them to be massively beneficial both physically and mentally. Stephanie helped to relieve the aches and pains I had due to carrying extra weight and also helped calm my mind. Highly recommended.



Steph is a very talented reflexologist, who puts her clients at the centre of her practice. I received a course of 6 treatments during my first pregnancy and found it very beneficial. Steph was focused very much on safety as there are some risks with pregnancy, so I felt very safe in her hands. It was great to have time for me, where my wellbeing was the priority, and I felt very relaxed during the treatment, whilst restored and invigorated afterwards. Steph creates a holistic experience that is tailored to the needs of each individual client. Steph has a gained a lot of varied experiencesince my last treatment and I very much look forward to receiving another treatment in the near future. I would highly recommend her services as a reflexologist, as she has a thoughtful, warm, open and gentle approach.



Steph offered to give me several sessions of reflexology while I was pregnant. I didn’t have a clue what reflexology was before meeting Steph but was happy to give it ago, especially as she explained she specialises in pregnancy and fertility related reflexology. I was so glad she recommended the sessions to me, they were thoroughly relaxing and helped me stay in tune with my body and the changes it was going through. Steph is a calm and confident woman. She is warm and knowledgeable and I am very grateful to her helping me prepare myself mentally and physically for labour.



After losing a baby, I had been advised that reflexology was a good way of relaxing my body back into a regular menstruation cycle as I was desperate to try and conceive again.  I found Stephanie’s details online and she managed to fit me in within a few days of my initial enquiry.  It was such a calming experience and I felt better after only chatting things through. Steph was so understanding and companionate at a time where I was very vulnerable.  The treatment itself was very relaxing and I came away feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.  Thank you Stephanie!


Other health conditions

After experiencing painful episodes of migraines for many years which appeared with no relief, a friend recommended reflexology. I found it to be relaxing and soothing and with each session a reduction in severity and frequency was achieved with my migraines.

Stephanie was patient and understanding regarding my symptoms and how they affected my everyday life. I would recommend her to all my family and friends.



I arranged some reflexology sessions with Steph to help me deal with stress initially. During the assessment we also discussed circulatory problems that I’d been experiencing in my feet and toes (tingling sensations). Over the course of the sessions my shoulder and neck tension lessened and I was particularly impressed when I started to notice the issues with my feet and toes progressively getting better and the tingling disappearing, so can thoroughly recommend this treatment. Steph has a very calming nature and made me feel at ease instantly. I felt she got the balance right between treating patients in a professional, friendly manner while also making you comfortable and creating a non-clinical atmosphere, and I have been highly recommending her services to friends and colleagues!



I started using Stephanie’s reflexology after encountering health problems with my lungs. I had an initial consultation followed by 6 x 1 hour sessions. I found Stephanie to be a patient, friendly, thorough and professional reflexologist. Each session was really relaxing and also helpful, especially in terms of focusing on improving my health. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending using Stephanie’s reflexology.