Reflexology for Stress

Stress can cause and exacerbate a great number of pains, conditions, and physical and psychological problems. It is well-known that a great many illnesses are stress related.

When the body is placed under stress it prepares for fight or flight, which causes physical changes in our body:

  • The heart rate increases.
  • The digestive system slows down and our body loses its ability to eliminate waste products.
  • The liver sends glucose to the muscles.
  • The adrenal glands send out corticoids: in large quantities these can cause depression and memory loss.
  • Our immune system becomes less effective.
  • We create tension in our neck and shoulders.

Reflexology helps the body to reduce and combat the negative effects of stress, to calm the nervous systems and to aid it to function normally. This helps the body to find its natural balance and sense of well-being.

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