New research shows that women with worse endometriosis pain have more fertility problems

New research about how traffic noise can affect our fertility levels


An interesting new study from Portugal offers women with fibroids an alternative to surgery. The less invasive procedure cuts off the blood supply to the fibroids causing them to shrink and die.

Flushing fallopian tubes with poppy seed oil boosts fertility

Pulse rate could help identify start of fertility windows, study shows

Maths formula offers key to sperm fertility

A new collaboration with Oxford University has found that the rhythm with which individual sperm move could explain why some successfully fertilise an egg whilst others fail.

New research by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and published in the journal Human Reproduction, shows that it can take couples with obesity longer to conceive. Where both members of the couple are obese it can take between 55 and 59 percent longer to achieve a pregnancy.
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New research being presented at the British Fertility Society’s annual conference suggests that transferring more than one embryo after IVF might reduce the chances of becoming pregnant.

New research shows that cancer drug may actually improve fertility…

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Men’s knowledge of their own fertility: a population-based survey examining the awareness of factors that are associated with male infertility.

Panorama’s investigation into add on treatments in IVF clinics shows that most are unproven……/ivf-panorama-investigatio…