Reflexology for Fertility

As many as one in three couples have trouble conceiving, and many go through this alone, without sharing it with friends and family. It can be an isolating and frightening experience for both women and men when conceiving doesn’t arrive as easily as we might want or expect. We have, after all, been told our entire lives to take precautions to prevent an unwanted pregnancy and yet, when we start trying we discover that it is not that easy to have a baby.

The desire to have a child can be overwhelming and when we are unable to it creates, stress, worry, anxiety and a sense of frustration.

Reflexology is not a magic wand, it cannot reverse ovarian failure, unblock the fallopian tubes or cure endometriosis, but it has been show to play a positive and effective role in women’s health, and fertility.

Reflexology can help from two perspectives:

Emotionally, it gives the couple time and space to share their worries or concerns – or just to forget them for an hour. It can help to alleviate the stress associated with fertility problems and assisted reproduction treatments and afford a safe environment for the couple to relax and share their worries, helping the couple to face their journey more positively.

Physically, it helps to bring our body into homeostasis –  to rebalance itself – to reduce cortisol levels which increase when we are stressed preparing for fight or flight, and slows down our body’s other systems; it helps to rebalance our hormones, to improve our immune system, helping our bodies to work to their optimum and prepare for pregnancy.

  • It can help to balance hormone levels and regulate the menstrual cycle
  • It can help stimulate your body’s own production of hormones
  • It can reduce stress levels for both partners
  • It can help prepare your body for implantation
  • It can help reduce the side-effects of any medication that you might be taking

It can assist women with hormonal imbalances and gynaecological conditions such as:

  • PCOS
  • Endometriosis
  • Annovulation
  • Dysmenorrhoea
  • Unexplained infertility

And it can help improve sperm quality in men, by improving:

  • Sperm count
  • Motility
  • Morphology
  • and reducing DNA fragmentation

It can assist couples trying to conceive naturally, and through assisted reproduction, be that IUI, IVF or ICSI.

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