Reflexology for Athletes

Reflexology is more and more popular every day in sport, not only to treat injuries but also to help keep the body fit and healthy and to prevent injuries, as well as strengthening health generally.

Some ways that reflexology can help athletes are:

  • by stimulating the circulatory system, helping to increase energy to the muscles and eliminate by-products from exercise such as lactic acid. This means that athletes can train for longer without suffering from muscle fatigue or cramps.
  • by reducing muscle stiffness, due to the increased elimination of lactic acid, and, as such recovery times between events and training are reduced, meaning more training sessions can be carried out.
  • Athletes are less likely to suffer from soft tissue sprains, tension, tears or breaks due to muscle fatigue.
  • Inflammation and pain from intense training sessions, games, sprains and injuries can be recovered from more quickly and with less need for medication.
  • Reflexology in conjunction with conventional medicine, physiotherapy and massage can improve healing and reduce recovery time from injuries.
  • The relaxing effects of reflexology can help to reduce the negative effects of stress on players and athletes before a game or event, improving performance and decision taking.
  • Reflexology is a holistic treatment that strengthens physical, emotional and mental health. Healthy athletes are capable of performing to their best potential.