About Me

I trained as a Reflexologist in Cardiff, in South Wales, at Inspira Reflexology completing my training in 2012.

I specialise in a technique called Duopody: a system of reflexology that, unlike traditional reflexology, treats both feet at the same time; this helps to make the treatment more balanced and effective, and the technique often has profound and rapid results.

I have also received training in other types or reflexology including, Ingham, Reflexology for stress, Reflexology for spinal problems, Advanced Reflexology Technique (ART), pre-natal and pregnancy reflexology.

Before training I spent ten years working in non-governmental organisations promoting the rights of women and equality and decided to train as a reflexologist after experiencing the benefits for myself.

The decision marked a turning point in my life and shortly after graduating I moved to southern Spain. I spent four years there, the last two of which I worked in a clinic specialising in gynaecology, obstetrics and fertility.

I am based in clinics in Canton and Roath in Cardiff and I specialise in reflexology for fertility and maternity.

I am also fluent in Spanish.

I am a full member of Professional Reflexology http://www.professionalreflexology.org/